ATL Teaching Philosophy:

As a member of ATLYS the word coach and teacher are one in the same.   Our approach is to teach not tell.   While following ATL’s provided practice plans, training curriculum our the approach is synonymous with the approach of a classroom teacher.

Explain the training topic and goal

Open the floor for questions to ensure you and the players are on the same page


Open the floor for questions to ensure you and the players are on the same page


Give feedback every time you see a need to guide.
Stop player(s) when needed.

Confirm understanding through dialogue.  Ask player to explain what they are doing and provide their own feedback on their performance.
Encourage effort the feedback is a sandwiched

Tell the player something they are doing well
Give feedback on what they need to focus on adjusting
Following by and encouraging statement
Never criticize


A Good Coach's worth isn't only measured by their record.....But in the positive impact made in their players lives. 

ATL  Coaching/ Teaching Philosophy:

ATL has two main goals. The first is to provide quality instruction in all aspects of the game.  The second is to build character such as self-discipline, dedication, and self-confidence, qualities that will assist our players as they progress through life. Additionally, we strive to prepare players that have the desire, athletic ability and academic standing to play at the middle school and high school level.  We believe that a competitive athletic experience can enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health and teach the values of teamwork and responsibility.  We are proud of the opportunity that we offer, and we feel the players involved will receive a positive experience. Our program is dedicated to providing all athletes with the opportunity to be successful.   Playing with ATL Rams requires a strong commitment to the game, the team, and your teammates.   It is important that everyone involved understands that each coach is making this commitment along our players in order for our athletes to become the players they can be. 

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