RVC -  Rams Volleyball Club

Rams Volleyball is a JVA club member and has two main goals. The first is to provide quality instruction for all aspects of the game.  This instruction will include both skill building and individual development; self-discipline, dedication and self confidence, qualities that will benefit our players as they progress through life.  The second goal is to prepare those players that have the desire, athletic ability and academic standing to play at the middle school and high school levels.   We are proud of the opportunity that we offer, and we feel our program is dedicated to providing all athletes with the opportunity to be successful.   Playing with ATL Rams requires a strong commitment to the game, the team, and yourself.

Our  club is for the competitive volleyball athlete seeking:

  1. An advanced playing option to be prepared to play on your school team.
  2. A competitive volleyball  option to play beyond  your school team .
  3. It is ideal for the multi-sport player seeking a quality competitive volleyball option that allows time for other commitments .

    .........All at a more affordable price point.  RVC competes in Chicagoland  tournaments.  RVC has everything  a Club  Volleyball player expects and needs and leaves time for other  things.

RVC Volleyball:               

Our Non Travel Teams Season: Early Nov. - Early May.

Teams practice 2 times a week and will compete in 8 local sanctioned events. 

Practice days fall on Mon. - Thurs.   Tournament are on the weekends and typically teams play 2 times a month.

Our National Teams Season:  Early Nov.-June.

Teams practice 3 times a week and will compete in 4 local one day events sanctioned events, 1 Great Lakes Region League and a National Tournament Event.  
Practice days fall on Mon. - Thurs.   Tournament are on the weekends and typically teams play 2 times a month. 


Non Travel Team Team Fee: $600 plus uniform package

National Team Fee: Coming 2018/19 Season

Uniforms Package : Jersey, Shorts, Practice wear, Knee Pads, Team Bag, Warm Up  $200


RVC club play is an intermediate to advance club play experience.   There are many club options in the market and anyone interested please call our Director for more information:
630 747 3497.

RVC 14 Black

1/14 Asics Mikasa

2/3  Top Flight- 2nd

2/10 RVC Sideout #2 - Runner Up

3/10 RVC Sideout #3 - Champion

3/11 Top Flight - Runner up

3/17 Diggz 5th

4/15 RVC Sideout #3 - Runner Up

4/28 Top Flight 3rd

5/6 RVC Sideout #4  4th

RVC 15 Blue

1/28 Asics Mikasa  4th

2/3  Top Flight 4th

2/10 RVC Sideout #2 - Runner Up

3/10 RVC Sideout #3 - Runner Up

3/11 Top Flight  4th

3/18 Diggz  3rd

4/15 RVC Sideout #3  5th​ 

4/28 Top Flight   3rd

5/6 RVC Sideout #4  4th

Player Age Definitions
2017-2018 Club Season

13's Division (Born between 9/1/2004 – 8/31/2005)
14's Division (Born between 9/1/2003 – 8/31/2004)
15's Division (Born between 9/1/2002 – 8/31/2003)
16's Division (Born between 9/1/2001 – 8/31/2002)
17's Division (Born between 9/1/2000 – 8/31/2001)
18's Division (Born between 9/1/1999 – 8/31/2000)
*18's Division (Born between 9/1/1998 – 8/31/1999) *If a senior during academic year 2017-2018
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RVC 16 Royal

1/12 Scrimmage

1/28 Asics Mikasa - 3rd

2/3  Top Flight - Runner Up

2/11 Asics Mikasa - 4th

3/18 Diggz 3rd

4/15 Sky High Champion

4/16 RVC Sideout Champion

4/28 Top Flight 4th

5/6 RVC Sidout Champion

6/2 Top Flight 2nd

6/9 Top Flight 2nd

​6/18 & 19 Asics Jr. National 3rd Silver 13th overall

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RVC 14 Royal

1/14 Asics Mikasa - 3rd

2/4  Asics Mikasa - 4th

2/10 RVC Sideout #2  - Champion

2/24 Top Flight  - Champion

3/17 Diggz 5th

4/21 Asics Mikasa 3rd

4/22  Asics Mikasa  4th

4/28 Top Flight Champions

5/6 RVC Sideout #4 Champions

5/20  Velocity 2nd

6/3  Diggz Summer Slam 5th

6/18 & 19 Asics Jr Nationals 5th Gold