ATL Policies:


1.1  In order to participate in any ATL Sports program athletes must meet grade/age guidelines, be registered by a parent or legal guardian completing all registration requirements; submit a registration form, waiver release, review ATL Policies, submit payment.

1.2  In order to be registered for an ATL Sport Program a registration form with all required information must be completed and all fees paid prior to participation.     Registration forms received without payment are incomplete and spots can not be held due to the high demand of our programs, to insure your child has a guaranteed  place on a team a payment  must be received.

1.3  Registration Refunds:  All fees are non -refundable and upon first day of the program start.

1.4 Payment Plans are made available upon request.  A minimum of 50% percentage of the total fees must be paid by the first practice.  The remaining balance can be divided into 2 additional payments.  Payment plans require all fees to be collected prior to the first game/ match and requires the completion of paperwork please contact our office.  Any player with a balance at the start of game will not be eligible to participate until all fees are paid in full.

1.5 A $10 late fee will apply to any registration received past the deadline or that has an outstanding balance after the first practice.  ATL has scheduled in person registration events to allow in person payments.

1.6  ATL does not accept post dates checks.

2. Facility Rules

ATL Sports programs are held in Plainfield District 202 schools or other partner facilities.  Using such facilities is a contracted privilege and failure to follow facilities guidelines will jeopardize our usage agreement.  All parents, players and visitors are to following the facility rules and regulations as well as ATL Policies.  In the result that facilities usage is lost due to violations made by parents or participates ATLYS will not be held responsible and refunds will not be issued for program cancellation.

2.1  Parents, siblings or visitors accompanying player are prohibited from using gym facilities outside of restrooms.  This includes playing on open courts before, during and after practice and games.   Parents who wait in the halls must  supervise other accompanied minor who must stay in the designates hallway.
2.2  Only rubber soled shoes are to be worn on hard wood court floors.

2.3  Any damages cause to property will be the financial responsibly of the persons responsible for the damage, parents are responsible for minors.

3.  Practice 

3.1  Practices  are typically 60 minutes long please see sports page for variations.

3.2  Players are to check in with coaches at the start of practice.  Parents may wait in the hall outside the gym however, all practices are closed to spectators, unless viewing areas are part of the practice space.  In the event, that younger children, K-2 graders, need mom and dad to stand by for there comfort and parents piece of mind we understand and allow those parents to sit in for the first two weeks.   

3.3  Players are to wear gym clothing and gym shoes that are made for his/her sport: basketball  shoes, volleyball  shoes or cheer shoes.

3.4  Players must not bring balls from home to practice ATL has all training equipment needed to facilitate our programming.

4.  Game Days

4.1  All Coaches, players and spectators are expected to encourage all teams and participants, exhibiting good sportsmanship.
4.2 All spectators are expected to support all officials and their calls understanding that officiating is part of the game.

4.3 All facility rules and policies are to be followed.  Drinks and food are not allowed in the gym outside of player water bottles.

4.4  No aggressive, abusive, foul language or behavior will be tolerated and will be grounds to be ask to leave the facility and may result in  being dismissed from the program.

4.5  Taking photos and recording games is allowed however, it must not interfere with the game.  Tripods are not allowed on the court level and pictures or recording can only take place from the seating area reserved for spectators.  We support your sharing your child sports experience with family and friends however, posting photos or videos on any public viewing website that does not require the your invitation such as youtube is prohibited.

4.6  Spectators are not to walk in front of the players, score table or cheerleaders while exiting the gym during games.

5.  Uniforms
5.1  Only ATL issued uniforms are to be worn during games see uniform size charts page  for details regarding sizing and policy.  Player not in full uniform will not be allowed to play.

Repeated violations of any of the above policies will result in being dismissed from the program and refunds will not be issued.

6.  Refunds/ Fees

After the first practice or program start date all payments are non- refundable.  ATL does not offer trail participation.  If you have any concern about your child commitment to join one of teams or enroll in a program please contact us.  

ATL does not prorate fees.

Medical Credits:  In the event a player become restricted by a physician in the first 4 weeks of a program from continuing the season,  50% of the program fee will be applied to the next season.   An official physicians letter is required and the player must use the credit for the following season unless otherwise approved by the director.

7.   Cancellations:

ATL utilizes local school facilities.  As a result days may be cancelled at the discretion of the school district/ owners need.   ATL will attempt to make up any cancelled days but this is based on facility availability.  ATL will not prorate or offer discounts for any days that are not rescheduled.


1.  Are the programs Co-ED?  Yes, except volleyball, in the event that the enrollment will allow for same gender teams, we can allow for that.  However, that will be decided on a program to program basis, this applies to basketball only.  In most cases co-ed play will always occur to allow the maximum learning experience possible for your child.

2.  Do the two sports practice at the same time? 
Our goal is to have cheer and basketball in the same age tier practice at the same time same location different gyms.  Making participating in two programs convenient for parents.  However, our practice locations are ultimately decided on gym availability.  Please see current schedule for exact practice times and locations.
3.  Does any discount apply when signing up more than one player  during the same season? 
No, returning players with a uniform pay only the league, fundraiser and competition fee (where applicable).

4.  Does my child keep his or her uniform?  Yes, and we do not change the uniform season to season  allowing you to continue to play in our programs without purchasing a uniform every season.

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