RVC is proud to host 3 tournaments in the Western Suburbs!  

Hospitality Room for Coaches and Referees.  Register AES & join us for a great event.

RVC Tournaments 

Dates              Pools                              Location                                                             Entry Fee                      Start Time

2/17/19        G13U,G14U, G15/16U      Plainfield Central High School IL                        $150                              8am



3/24/19        G13U,G14U, G15/16U      Plainfield Central High School IL                        $150                              8am


4/27/19        G13U,G14U, G15/16U     Plainfield Central High School Plainfield IL         $150                               8am



Plainfield Central High School

​24120 Fort Beggs Dr, Plainfield, IL 60544

Tournament Information:

Doors Open:  7am

One hour before the start of the first pool play match.

Facility Rules:
Players water and sport drinks allowed in playing areas.                    
No open container cups or glass allowed in gym area.                    
Bleacher seating is available. No outside folding chairs allowed.

Admission Fee:
There will be a $5 admission fee for everyone 10 and older. (excluding players, coaches & refs)

Tournament Rules:
All Warmups will be 2 mins, 4 mins, 4 mins.                    
RVC  will provide a certified R1 for all pool play matches.

All referee teams must supply an R2, (2) Line judges, (1) Scorekeeper, and (1) Libero Tracker.                    
All playoffs will have certified referees to be the R1.

Tournament Prizes:
Prizes will be given to the Tournament Champion and Runner-Up teams.

Pool Play Format:
All 3 team pools will play 2/3 set match (25,25,15),4> team pools will play two sets to 25 round robin, no cap.

Playoff Format:
All Semi & Final playoff matches are match play 25/25/15 (Quarter-Finals only 1 set to 25)

Tie Breaker Policy:
Match %, Set %, Head to Head W/L, Total Points Pool Play. (If needed total points will decide who makes playoffs)  

All tournament Insurance Covered.   Club will need to keep waivers on file and can be completed electronically.

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